Genetic research is used widely across the fields of evolution, ecology and wildlife management. Honours projects in these fields enable you to explore the mechanistic basis of key biological concepts and develop important technical skills. At UNSW Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, you’ll have the chance to study genetics in a world-class laboratory with leaders in these fields.

View our current projects and connect with an honours project supervisor to learn how you can get involved.

How activity levels affect immune function gene expression in cane toads?

This project is designed to disentangle the effects of ERH with those of activity levels. Supervisor: A/Prof. Lee Rollins

Using historical Australian starlings to investigate rapid evolution

In this project, the morphology of Australian starlings will be measured and compared to modern-day Australian starlings. Supervisor: A/Prof. Lee Rollins

New methods to measure and forecast molecular biodiversity

Investigate the performance of new methods in molecular biodiversity, and maybe invent methods of your own. Supervisor: Em. Prof. Bill Sherwin