UNSW collaborators

Professor Maria Kavallaris (Children's Cancer Institute of Australia and Australian Centre for NanoMedicine).

Maria and Justin are co-directors of the Australian Centre for NanoMedicine and also collaborate on microRNA detection and the 3D printing of cell cultures. More details about Prof. Kavallaris' research are available on her group web pages.

Professor Richard Tilley (UNSW Chemistry and the Australian Centre for NanoMedicine).

Richard and Justin co-lead the Smart Materials and Surfaces research group at UNSW and collaborate on almost all aspects of their research. Richard’s expertise in electron microscopy and nanoparticle synthesis perfectly complements Justin’s in electrochemistry and surface chemistry.  More details on Richard's research can be found on the UNSW Tilley Group web page.

Professor William Rawlinson, Dr Sacha Stelzer-Braid Virology and OTDS Laboratories (SAViD), NSW Health Pathology Randwick.

Justin collaborates with Bill and Sacha on ultrasensitive single molecules for the detection of viral RNA directly in sputum samples. This work has become elevated in importance during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For more information please visit the Virology Research Laboratory.

Scientia Professor Perminder Sachdev (Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA), UNSW).

Perminder, Richard and Justin collaborate on the synthesis and modification of magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic nanoparticle imaging.  Please visit CHeBA or Prof Perminder Sachdev's page to learn more. 

External Collaborators

Professor Wolfgang Schuhmann (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)

Wolfgang and Justin are scientific kindred spirits where one is more focussed on data and the other on results. They collaborate extensively mostly on research related to electrocatalysis and co-lead the nanozyme project. Please see Prof Wolfgang Schuhmann for more details.

Professor Barbara Messerle (Macquarie University)

Barbara and Justin collaborate on the synthesis of new redox active molecules for electrochemical biosensors as well as modified carbon nanotube surfaces for catalysis. More details about Prof. Messerle's research are available on her group web pages.

Professor Jingquan Liu (Qingdao University, China)

A former team member, Jingquan and Justin collaborate on the application of carbon nanomaterials to sensing.  

Professor Xin Chen (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)

Another former team member, Xin and Justin collaborate on mesoporous nanomaterials for drug delivery.