Our research groups

Students working on experiments in the Chemical Science building UNSW.

Biomaterials Design and Tissue Engineering Group

This research group investigates cell-biomaterial strategies for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration.

Computational Molecular Spectroscopy

The McKemmish group at UNSW Chemistry specialises in quantum chemistry, astrochemistry, spectroscopy and method development.
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Biophysical Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry Lab

The Donald Group applies experimental methods in mass spectrometry using fundamental and applied problems in chemistry and biochemistry.


The Kilian Lab is an academic research group based at UNSW. It looks at how the chemistry of material influence the behaviour of mammalian cells.
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Mechanism and Modelling Group

Our research focuses on the development and application of computational methods to predict molecular properties, chemical reaction mechanisms and understand structure-activity relationships. This insight is crucial for the rational design of improved chemical reagents, materials and drug molecules.
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Molecular Photonics Group

Molecular Photonics is a collaborative research group focusing on the changes to molecules when they absorb light. Find out more.
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Smart Materials and Surfaces Group

The SMS group has a strong focus interfacing materials with biological systems. View our members, recent publications and much more.

Soft Matter and Biophysics Lab

Soft matter gives us insights into the science of everyday life from personal care to micro-foam in our cappuccinos. Discover more.
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Solid State and Materials Chemistry

Find information on our research into solid state and materials, group members, publications and more.

Ball group

The Ball Group use NMR spectroscopy to explore chemical problems, usually in inorganic and organometallic chemistry. Learn more.

Beves Group

The Beves Group focuses on supramolecular chemistry. See our publications and examples of our work.
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DJ Kim Lab

This group focuses on developing next generation energy store systems. Learn more about our research and read our publications.
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Fahrenbach Group

The Fahrenbach Group develops experimental and theoretical models for understanding the chemicals that may have occurred on Earth soon after its formation. Learn more.
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Field Group

The research areas of the Field Group include organometallic chemistry, catalysis and NMR spectroscopy. Discover more.

Gooding Group

This group specialises in nanoscale control over materials. Read more about our projects and research areas.

Harper Group

The Harper Group researches physical organic chemistry. View our publications and current projects.
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Hunter Group

This groups interests cover natural products chemistry, peptidomimetics, bioactive molecules and synthetic methodology. Learn more.

Kumar Group

This group studies the discovery and development of novel bioactive molecules and their application in industrial and medical settings. Discover more.

Lessio Group

The Lessio Group studies computational chemistry and materials science for sustainability applications. Learn more.
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Neville Group

The Neville Group strategically designs and synthesises functional metallosupramolecular materials. Learn more.

Nguyen Group

The Nguyen Group focuses their research on the development of new synthetic methodologies in organic chemistry, organocatalysis and natural product synthesis. Find out more.
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Peeks Group

The Peeks Group employs rational molecular design to build new materials. View our research to learn more.
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Rijs Group

The Rijs Group investigates the intrinsic properties of molecular building blocks and their 'constructed' aggregates. Learn more.
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Schmidt Group

The Schmidt Group researches fundamental aspects of molecular spectroscopy and its applications Find out more.

Stenzel Group

Inspired by nature, the Stenzel Group combines synthetic polymers and nature's build blocks. View our projects.

Stride Group

The Stride Group focuses on incorporating nanomaterials into new functional materials and sustainable futures.

Thordarson Group

The Thordarson Group applies the principles of supramolecular chemistry to tease apart more complex biological/biohybrid mixtures and materials.
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Tilley Group

The Tilley Group focuses on the synthesis of the highest performing nanoparticle catalysts and medical imaging agents. Discover more.

Zhao Group

The Zhao Group examines electrochemical challenges in energy and biomedicine using nanotechnology and nano-electrochemistry.

Rizzuto Group

Our group uses DNA as a building block for nanotechnology. We mimic biochemical processes to develop new materials with ‘life-like’ properties.

Academic staff

If you are searching for a specific member of the School of Chemistry check our Academic Staff list.

Research centres

The School of Chemistry is proud to collaborate with other schools and the community across multiple research centres.