R. E. Jeffery joined the Society (then the Sydney Technical College Chemical Society) in 1921 and retained his membership through to his death in 1966. 

He was active in the affairs of the Society for many years, being a member of the Publications Committee for the Journal and Proceedings of the Sydney Technical College Chemical Society from 1927 to 1929. He was President in 1929.

Upon his death, the University of New South Wales Chemical Society was generously bequeathed with funds by him to apply to the advancement of knowledge, preferably in the field of food or biological chemistry. The Jeffery Lectureship has been established to honour his wish.

A complete list of the previous Jeffery Lecturers is given below.

1981       R.G. Buttery, U.S. Department of Agriculture

1983       J.E. Casida, University of California, Berkeley

1985       N.A. Porter, Duke University, North Carolina

1987       I.C.M. Dea, Food Research Association, Surrey, U.K.

1989       G. M. Blackburn, Sheffield University

1991       B.O. Fraser-Reid, Duke University, North Carolina

1993       L.N. Mander, Australian National University

1995       P. Dowd, University of Pittsburgh

1998       Y. Thebtaranonth, Mahidol University, Thailand

2003       W. B. Tolman, University of Minnesota

2010       G. N. Tew, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

2015       J. Gerrard, The University of Canterbury

2018       J. L. Martin, Griffith University 

R. E. Jeffery