Undergraduate students

Explore the undergraduate experience at UNSW Chemistry by meeting our students, reading about Honours and discovering undergraduate research.

James Watson

Whether you are just starting out in chemistry or contemplating Honours, UNSW’s undergraduate programs will equip you with formidable knowledge and skills. 

Discover why our students love chemistry, explore what’s involved in Honours, and spark your mind with the possibilities of our undergraduate research projects. 

Meet some of our undergraduate students

If you’re considering a degree in chemistry, one of the best things you can do is find out what other chemistry students think. See what some of our current students’ experiences have been and why they chose to study chemistry.


Honours is the highest level of training possible at an undergraduate level. Studying an Honours program in chemistry will develop your research and professional skills in a specialised area. You’ll perform advanced research training through the completion of a thesis or a creative or practice-based research project.

Undergraduate research

Learn what’s involved with undergraduate chemistry research at UNSW. You’ll find a breakdown of the type of activities involved and what you’ll learn, plus the specific research based subjects you can take. Explore the guide to available projects to find out what you could work on.