Visit UNSW Chemistry to find out more about us!

Open Day

Want to see what Chemistry at UNSW is all about? Come and visit us at our annual Open Day.

Open Day falls on the first Saturday in September every year. It was estimated that over 30,000 people visited our main campus in Kensington, and listened to talks, asked questions at the Advising Centre, and generally, had fun on campus. Every year the School of Chemistry displays get bigger and better. Bubbling solutions, whizzbang chemistry, molecular models, quantum dots, and glow in the dark reactions are just some of the things you can expect to see in our Chemistry marquee. We also offer tours of our modern labs.

Info Day

Info Day provides students with a last-minute chance to finalise their choice of program, and is usually held after the end of the school year. Academics at the Advisory Centre answer any questions students (or parents) may have, and it's a great opportunity to (re)visit the campus and Schools.

For more information about Open Day or Info Day, please do contact us at