External links to explore more about chemistry.

Listed below are links to chemistry web sites which explain some of the theory and applications of chemistry in an easy to understand way.

Note: these links will lead outside the School of Chemistry web site. You can use the 'back' button or the history menu in your browser to return to our site.

  • Chemistry Resources Worldwide - a collection of good quality chemistry resources on the web.
  • MathMol - Mathematics and Molecules, how mathematics can be used to model the structures of molecules and the forces between molecules.
  • WebElements - an excellent web-based Periodic Table of the Elements.
  • American Elements - information about elements from a commercial chemical supplier.
  • Lenntech periodic table - a web-based Periodic Table of the Elements including health and environmental effects for most elements.
  • Name the elements - see how many chemical elements you can name in 10 minutes.
  • Molecule of the Month, originally from Oxford University.
  • Chalkbored - chemistry11 and chemistry12 - two pages of PDF files, PowerPoint presentations and more, covering elementary chemistry topics.
  • JMol - an open source (Java) program for viewing molecular structures in various ways, including rotating the molecule and zooming in for a closer look.