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Chemistry courses

The links below lead to descriptions of all the undergraduate courses offered by the School of Chemistry, the handbook entry for each course, the number of units of credit (UOC), and the session in which it is offered (T1, T2 or T3).

Information on online options for students studying offshore due to the pandemic. 

Chemistry course advice for offshore students 2022:

First year courses

Our first year chemistry courses lay the foundations for your future studies. Whether you plan to continue studying Chemistry or intend to focus on other disciplines, these courses will provide you with a range of practical skills that will benefit your future studies.

Second year courses

Our second year courses build on the fundamentals covered in first year. The courses are generally structured around the four pillars of chemistry: physical, analytical, organic and inorganic chemistry.

Third year courses

Our final year chemistry courses will further advance your development from science student to world class scientist. These courses cover more specific topics in detail, introducing the latest in scientific techniques, theories and discoveries as well as outstanding problems in chemistry.

Other courses

The School of Chemistry also provides the following general education and service courses:

General education courses

For students who would like a sneak-peak into the world of science and scientific thinking.

Undergraduate service courses

For students studying specialised programs, we have a range of courses specifically designed with you in mind.


Interested in doing a fourth year of undergraduate studies, with research?


Studying honours gives you the chance to develop your research and professional skills in a specialised area. It represents the highest level of training in an undergraduate degree within the Australian tertiary education system.

Undergraduate research

In the School of Chemistry at UNSW, we give our undergraduate students lots of opportunities to learn about and perform cutting edge research as part of one of our research groups with interests spanning the full spectrum of chemistry and chemistry-related interdisciplinary fields.