Staff directory

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  • Name Title Role
    Anne Ayres Mrs Teaching Support Officer
    Trinah De Leon Ms Teaching Support Officer
    Wennan Edmunds Mrs ACN Centre Manager
    Chelsea Forest Miss Research Laboratory Manager
    Marjorie Fox-Owens Ms Marketing & Outreach Officer
    Hitendra Gopal Mr Technical Officer
    Vanessa Gotting Ms Project Officer
    David Jacyna Mr Technical Assistant
    Nicholas Konstandaras Dr HSE Advisor
    Asnavandi Majid Mr Technical Officer
    Catherine McDonald Mrs Administrative Officer
    Sue Min Liu Dr Editor
    Sheree Munro Ms Postgraduate Administrator
    Piumika Perera Mrs Administrative Assistant
    Joshua Peterson Dr Institute Manager
    Radhika Raveendran Dr Research Assistant
    Hannah Richie Young Ms Research Group Administrator
    Febrina Sandra Dr Technical Officer
    Patrick Sells Mr Centre Business Manager
    Yvonne Smythe Ms School Manager
    Clare Sullivan Dr Technical Officer
    Nancy Talavera Dr Laboratory Manager - Teaching
    Ruth Thomas Dr Technical Officer
    Warren Truong Dr Technical Officer
    Svetislav Videnovic Mr Technical Officer
    Elysha Williams Dr Laboratory Manager (Research)
  • Name Title Role
    Graham Ball Apro Associate Professor
    Jonathon Beves Apro Associate Professor
    Jeffrey Black Dr Lecturer- Education focussed
    William Donald Apro Scientia Associate Professor
    Albert Fahrenbach Dr Lecturer
    Leslie Field Prof Professor
    Justin Gooding Sci Scientia Professor & NHMRC Research Fellow
    Ronald Haines Dr Lecturer
    Christopher Hansen Dr Lecturer & ARC DECRA Fellow
    Jason Harper Apro Deputy Head of School
    Junming Ho Dr Senior Lecturer
    Luke Hunter Apro Associate Professor
    Sina Jamali Dr Research Fellow (DECRA)
    K M Mohibul Kabir Dr Research Fellow (DECRA)
    Scott Kable Prof Head of School
    Kristopher Kilian Apro Scientia Fellow
    Dong-Jun Kim Dr Lecturer
    Naresh Kumar Prof Professor
    Martina Lessio Dr Scientia Fellow
    Shannan Maisey Dr Senior Lecturer
    Laura McKemmish Dr Senior Lecturer
    Christopher Medcraft Dr ARC DECRA Fellow
    Jonathan Morris Prof PVC of Research Training & Entrepreneurship
    Suzanne Neville Apro Associate Professor
    Vinh Nguyen Apro Associate Professor
    Martin Peeks Dr Scientia Fellow
    Nicole Rijs Dr UNSW Scientia Fellow
    Felix Rizzuto Dr Research Fellow - DECRA
    Timothy Schmidt Prof Professor
    Neeraj Sharma Apro Associate Professor
    Martina Stenzel Sci Scientia Professor
    Sir Fraser Stoddart Prof SHARP Professor
    John Stride Apro Associate Professor
    Scott Sulway Dr Senior Lecturer
    Pall Thordarson Prof Professor and Centre Director
    Anna Wang Dr Senior Lecturer
    Siobhan Wills Dr Lecturer
    Chuan Zhao Prof Professor
  • Name Title Role
    Henrik Andersen Dr Visiting Fellow
    Roger Bishop Epro Emeritus Professor
    David Black Epro Emeritus Professor
    Tony Breton Dr Visiting Fellow
    Joseph Brophy Dr Honorary Senior Lecturer
    Ali Chamazketi Mr Adjunct Associate Lecturer
    Natalie Chapman Mrs Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Robert Chapman Dr Adjunct Lecturer
    Xianjue Chen Dr Visiting Fellow
    Stephen Colbran Apro Honorary Associate Professor
    Ian Dance Epro Emeritus Professor
    Flavia de Oliveira Silva Dr Visiting Fellow
    Liam Devlin Mr Visiting Fellow
    Morphy Dumlao Mr Visiting Fellow
    Gavin Edwards Apro Honorary Associate Professor
    Egbert Meijer Prof Visiting Professorial Fellow
    Alexander Falber Dr Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Simon Fielder Dr Visiting Fellow
    Christopher Garvey Dr Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Kofoworola Gbayo Dr Visiting Fellow
    Sergei Glavatskih Dr Visiting Professorial Fellow
    Vinicius Goncales Dr Adjunct Lecturer
    Marsilea Harrison Dr Visiting Fellow
    Amanda Hayes Dr Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Simone Hendrikse Dr Visiting Fellow
    Brynn Hibbert Prof Emeritus Professor
    James Hook Dr Honorary Associate Professor
    Liang Jiang Ms Visiting Fellow
    Meredith Jordan Apro Visiting Professorial Fellow
    Rasha Jwad Ms Visiting Fellow
    Jehan Kanga Dr Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Barbara Messerle Prof Visiting Professorial Fellow
    Adnan Mohammed Mr Visiting Fellow
    Sandra Nurttila Dr Visiting Fellow
    MaryKay Orgill   Adjunct Professor
    Giancarlo Pascali Dr Conjoint Associate Professor
    Jason Price Dr Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Mark Rutland Dr Visiting Professorial Fellow
    David Sammut Mr Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Synove Scottwell Dr Honorary Lecturer
    Alexander Soeriyadi Dr Adjunct Lecturer
    Richard Tilley Prof Adjunct Professor/Director of EMU
    Robert Utama Dr Adjunct Lecturer
    Laurence Wakelin Apro Honorary Associate Professor
  • Title Title Role
    Jessica Alves Ms Postdoctoral Fellow
    Cheng Cao Dr Research Associate
    Renxun Chen Dr Research Associate
    Thanh Cong Vu Mr Postdoc Research Associate
    Kamran Dastafkan Mr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Caspar de Bruin-Dickason Dr Postdoc (Chemical Engineer)
    Christophe Didier Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Lida Ezzedinloo Ms Postdoctoral Fellow
     Jiale Feng Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Jasper Fried Mr Postdoc. Research Associate
    Sylvia Ganda Ms Postdoctoral Fellow
    Lucy Gloag Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Chen Jia Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Chin Ken Wong Dr Research Associate
    Chantal Kopecky Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Benjamin Laws Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Zihao Li Mr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Jiaxin Lian Miss Research Associate
    Hsiu Lin Li Dr Senior Research Associate
    Quentin Meyer Dr Postdoctoral Res Associate
    Uttam Mittal Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Bauke Nauta Dr Senior Research Associate
    Mitchell Nothling Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Agus Poerwoprajitno Mr Postdoc Research Associate
    Christine Poon Ms Research Associate
    Paolo Sebastianelli Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Wenxian Tang Ms Postdoc Research Associate
    Yanfang Wu Dr Research Associate
    Ying Yang Dr Postdoctoral Research Assoc
    Eric Yiwei Du Mr Research Associate-3D Printing
    Lin Zhu Dr Senior Research Associate