Dr Jeffrey Black

Dr Jeffrey Black

Senior Lecturer
School of Chemistry

Jeffrey completed their B.Sc (Hons) in Nanotechnology and PhD in Chemistry at UNSW, during which time they developed a passion for education through their participation in the Teaching Fellowship program. After their PhD they continued to teach and research at UNSW including working on course design, contributing to the redesign of several high year labs, and the restructuring of the first Year theory content.

At UNSW they are now focussed on modernising chemical education, by the introduction of self-paced online learning modules, assessments with automatic targetted feedback, and high stakes digitial assessment. In addition, they have a secondary research interest in sustainability, focusing on the use of ionic liquids to improve sustainability, such as by replacing fossil fuels derived products.

Room 133, Level 1, Dalton Building (F12)
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  • Conference Papers | 2022
    Wills S; Black J, 2022, 'Equitability factors impacting attitudes relating to digital assessment', Perth, Western Australia, presented at The Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (2022), Perth, Western Australia, 28 September 2022, https://openjournals.library.sydney.edu.au/IISME/article/view/16266
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Currently their main research focus in on chemistry education, including modernising teaching and assessment practices and students perception of such changes. Additionally, they are researching using ionic liquids as sustainable replacements to fossil fuel derived lubricants.

My Teaching

Jeffrey currently teaches accross first year chemistry, and into higher years with a focus on analytical chemistry. Courses they currently teach are: