Evan Jensen

Evan Jensen

Technical Officer
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Evan has completed a Master of Water Resources Engineering from KU Leuven in Belgium with Suma Cum Laude distinction, and a Bachelor of Science in Hydrology from the University of Arizona with a specialisation in Groundwater Modelling.

Evan manages the development and installation of the Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) in Wellington, NSW as part of the Australian Critical Zone Observatory Network (OzCZO). The CZO measures the fluxes of water, energy and carbon dioxide between aquifers, land surface and atmosphere.

He is an expert in hydrologic field installations at remote sites, as well as coordination of equipment purchasing, rural transport, monitoring, and setting-up of the communications, data streams, programming data transfers (FTP) and power supplies.


+61 (2) 8071 9800