Aaron Colusso

Aaron Colusso

Technical Officer
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Aaron joined WRL as a Technical Officer in 2020. He has a BSc (Applied Physics), BSc (Honours) and a PhD in Materials Science. His PhD focused on the photo-redox properties of tungsten oxide mesostructures, and their suitability as photochromic (colour-changing) films. This would allow for passive thermal and UV radiation absorbing films to be placed on windows, leading to energy savings.

Aaron’s primary role at WRL is to facilitate activities in the Chemistry Laboratory. This includes: ensuring equipment is available; maintained and calibrated; maintaining regulatory compliance; providing laboratory and equipment training when necessary; and assisting with projects.

Prior to working at UNSW Aaron gained experience in teaching & learning, laboratory management and regulatory compliance as a Technical Officer at Macquarie University within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.


(+61) 2 8071 9859