Daniel Gilbert

Daniel Gilbert

Project Engineer
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Daniel is a Project Engineer at the Water Research Laboratory. He has 3 years of experience in the water space, working on problems relating to water quality, hydrology, hydraulics and groundwater resources.

He completed a degree of Civil Engineering at UNSW, with a focus towards aspects of water engineering including water quality, hydrology and groundwater. As a part of his studies, he completed an honours thesis performing an assessment of emerging PFAS present in landfill leachate, building upon previous work he completed as a research assistant at UNSW.

Daniel has since gained experience working on a wide range of projects, solving complex water-related problems by utilising his understanding of coastal wetland hydrodynamics and fundamental hydraulic processes in the laboratory and field. Daniel has expertise in the numerical modelling of estuarine hydrodynamics and water quality processes. He is proficient with a broad spectrum of laboratory and field instruments, as well as numerical modelling techniques.


0490 853 494