Alexie Glass-Kantor

Alexie Glass-Kantor

Alexie Glass-Kantor completed a Bachelor of Art History and Theory, now Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art Theory)

To establish and build a successful career in the contemporary art world, artists and arts managers require certain building blocks: an educational foundation, incremental and progressively senior experience producing exhibitions and projects, ongoing support, encouragement and professional development by way of grants, residencies and opportunities to expand one's practice.

There are few institutions that address each of these areas in equal measure, but one such place is Artspace, one of Sydney’s and Australia's most highly regarded and established contemporary art and culture venues. At its helm is Alexie Glass-Kantor, whose remarkable dedication to the task has led to the introduction of a suite of new ideas, programs, spaces and activities. For example, she’s developed the Ideas Platform, a project space devoted to experimental practices located directly in the foyer of the building; perfectly presented and scaled for artists looking for a flexible platform, free from tight scheduling restrictions. She’s ensured that Artspace is now a leader with its national and international professional programs, networks and linkages. Further, she’s expanded the all-important artist studio program and made it free. Artspace's residency program now offers seven workspaces located on the second floor of the historic Gunnery building.

With her broad interest in the advocacy and promotion of the intrinsic value of art and artists to society, Alexie has been the chair of Contemporary Art Organisations Australia (CAOA) since 2015, and previously served as director on the board of the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA). In 2009 and 2011, she was the curatorial advisor to the Art for Science program at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Alexie also serves on the Curatorial Advisory Board for Sydney Contemporary and is on the inaugural council of the Sydney Cultural Network (SCN)

Alexie Glass-Kantor has curated or co-curated over 100 exhibitions since 1999, across independent spaces, biennales, festivals, and collecting institutions in Australia and around the globe. Prior to Artspace, she was Director—Senior Curator, Gertrude Contemporary in Melbourne. She has also worked in curatorial at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and worked as the Asialink Curator-in-residence at SSamzie Space in Seoul, South Korea. She has been a journalist for ArtAsiaPacific, Australian Style, Oyster, Art Collector, Art & Australia, Mousse, and Monument, and has written an arts column for The Sydney Morning Herald.