Toby Grime

Toby Grime


Toby Grime completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with UNSW Art & Design. 

Toby Grime is a director, sound artist, and designer who has worked with Animal Logic since 2000. Spanning visual effects, opening titles, and art direction, short form directing, Grime has a remarkable list of films that he has worked on: The Lego Movie franchise, Peter Rabbit, The Matrix Reloaded, Alien: Covenant and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2.  

Grime has regularly worked with fellow UNSW Art & Design alumnus Shaun Gladwell, providing music and sound design to accompany Gladwell’s video and VR works (including the sound design for Gladwell’s Venice Biennale videos and his iconic work ‘Storm Sequence’.) In 2012, he was nominated for an Aria for directing the video for the Hilltop Hoods song ‘I Love It’ featuring SIA. Grime also composed the theme music to Gladwell’s chapter in the 2013 movie, The Turning based on Tim Winton’s short stories. His sound works have been showcased at the MCA in Sydney, Liquid Architecture Festival and the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. 

Grime was a founding member of the highly influential Clan Analogue music label and collective as well as the warehouse-dwelling electronic art and sound collective the Evil Brotherhood of Mutants. Grime has created software used in making music, manipulating sounds or using music to trigger visual images, including an experimental audio/visual mixing software he developed in 2000 that was added to the collection at ACMI in Melbourne. Before working at Animal Logic, Grime worked for Massive Interactive, a global UI/UX design company.