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UNSW School of Art & Design is a leading art and design school, producing critically acclaimed artists, designers and media creators.

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Welcome from the Head of School

We’re a leading school of art and design with a focus on media innovation and emerging technologies, committed to artistic and academic excellence and innovative creative practice and research. We aspire to be a world leader in educating artists, designers and digital media creators. 

Our school encourages pioneering approaches to the creation and understanding of art and design that will impact the social, technological and environmental issues of our time. We support experimentation and exploration, fostering collaboration across the humanities, social sciences, science and engineering. 

Using the latest teaching methods, underpinned by leading-edge technology and an innovative learning environment, we hope to inspire a new generation of creative thinkers. Our programs are based in studio practice and are industry relevant, while our pioneering research programs range from immersive interactive environments to Indigenous knowledge and global issues. 

- Professor Edward Scheer

We’re one of Australia’s largest, most dynamic and diverse creative art, design and media schools. We offer more disciplines and interdisciplinary opportunities for study than any other Australian creative school. Our undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs are taught by renowned academics, practising artists and designers, and specialised technical staff.  

Meet our people

Find out more about the staff at UNSW School of Art & Design, made up of artists, designers and digital media creators.

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Our campus

Our community-based campus is purpose-built, including cutting-edge art, design and digital media production facilities, workshops and studios. 

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