Art & Design Residencies

Christine Wiltshier creating Mistake Making artwork at Art and Design

UNSW School of Art & Design supports a range of campus residencies throughout the year. 

We welcome applications and invite leading artists, designers, media innovators, educators, creative arts researchers and scholars to join our diverse international creative community.

The UNSW Art & Design Residency Program has been established to enhance the knowledge and experience of undergraduate and postgraduate students, and postgraduate research candidates across all disciplines. Participants receive status as Residents of the School with access to our libraries, technical support facilities, staff and workshops. Our inner urban Paddington campus features an apartment that residents can apply to occupy for a period of up to two months.  

UNSW Art & Design offers a supportive environment to engage and explore art, culture and innovation in Sydney, and is located close to many of Sydneys leading cultural institutions and creative precincts. UNSW's main campus at Kensington is also easily accessible via a free shuttle bus. 

Participants in our Residency Program are invited to be actively involved in the life of the campus and will be expected to contribute to our education, practice and research programs by engaging students, staff and alumni through open studios, guest lectures, workshops or knowledge exchange according to the needs of the School.

Our residency programs include the Bowen Bungaree Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Residency which provides tailored support for Indigenous artists and designers to enable them to undertake ambitious projects and to create new work.


Applications are now open for the academic year 

UNSW Art & Design is now accepting applications from outstanding artists, designers, educators, curators, creative researchers and scholars for the residencies on UNSW’s Paddington campus for up to two months.

The Art & Design Residency includes:

  • a fully furnished apartment (Please note the Paddington campus apartment is only accessible via 25 steps from street level. It contains a small galley style kitchen, compact shower room and a double bedroom on a mezzanine floor accessed by stairs)

  • a creating and/or research space in the Sherman Postgraduate Studios

  • access to workshops, technical and production facilities, libraries and resources.

  • The UNSW Art & Design Residency Program enhances the knowledge and experience of undergraduate and postgraduate students, and postgraduate research candidates across all disciplines. Residents are encouraged to maintain an “open door” policy to their studio to interact with students and academic staff, and to offer dialogue, ideas and information. The resident is strongly encouraged to engage with the faculty curriculum by providing classes, and to interact with the wider UNSW and Sydney art and design communities.

    UNSW Art & Design residents are expected to participate in at least one seminar per week and to present a public lecture or workshop on campus during their residency.

    • Value of the Residency project to UNSW Art & Design.
    • Alignment of project to UNSW Art & Design strategic partners/countries/institutions/areas of practice and/or research.
    • Potential for a further engagement.
    • Merit of past work and/or demonstrated excellence in their field. 

    Key dates: Academic sessions tend to run from February to May, June to August and September to November. 

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