Rebecca Bosley, ‘Sexy Shrine’ 2022. Gouache, gold foil and pen on plywood. 800mm x 550mm x 12mm. Image courtesy: the artist.

Artist statement

To bring forward the ethical dilemma and effects of hyper-sexualisation of women hollowed husks of unrealistic proportions adorn these bodies. Using Christian motifs, it reflects how the male gaze does not shy from communities built on religious morals of mutual respect, appreciation and love. The tarnished gold foil offers a sense of forgotten values amidst the eye-catching vibrancy of the gouache – interpreted as the hues of wealth and status. Broken halos, counterintuitive and uncomfortable quotes, sexualised pin-ups of icons and ‘Jessica Rabbit’ bodies make up this work as a form of satire that holds a brutal interpretation of what the media and society is still demanding from women and preparing young girls to become.

Instagram: bec.bosley