Daisy WT Ng, ‘Flocculent Bliss’ 2023.

Australian wool and video projection. Dimension variable. Image courtesy: the artist.

‘Flocculent Bliss’ is a series of three paintings fabricated with biophilic Australian wool components inspired by deep sea creatures overlayed with video projection of an animation of organic elements. The techniques employed are wool felting and 3D modelling and is a sequel of an earlier work to continue the exploration and accentuation of wool as a materiality. My multidisciplinary practice continues with the crossover of the labourious craft of wool felting with digital art of animation. The work explores the intersections between materiality, affect, existence, and identity with the visualisation of biophilic fluidity and the tensile fibres of supple Australian wool as containment of material evocation of affective and somatic experiences.

Instagram: @daisy.wtng