Artwork title: Wild 'est

Wild ‘est is a short animation of a pistol duel, but in a twist of fate, one of the duelists made the bold decision to bring a rocket launcher to a gunfight. The concept behind this animation arose from the desire to animate a rocket, and from there the concept was further developed into the contrast between characters: one with a revolver, the other with a rocket; one calm and playful, another tense and aggressive. The work was animated in Clip Studio Paint, composited in Adobe After Effects, edited in Premiere Pro, and sound was done in Reaper.

Hello, I'm Alan and I'm currently halfway through my four years of my Media Arts / Computer Science double degree. I’m interested in all forms of art and expression, but my main passion is in entertainment art. My passions in entertainment art ranges from art that’s displayed to the viewer to the planning and pre-visualisation behind each work.