Artwork title: Ruins

My 3D visualised unity project investigates the concept of passing time and the change it creates through an explorable environment. This concept was illustrated through historical, medieval ruins. Using visual story-telling, the player is encouraged to uncover the story of the environment through the visual composition, asset design and atmosphere. The research for this project included investigating archaeology of ruins, old Scottish and medieval European architecture, games for design and interaction inspiration, and other artists for visual development ideas. Archaeology explores the history of a location or object based on the context it provides. Through exploration and inquisition, stories are created that uncover the past. It becomes a form of visual and contextual story-telling. This concept of history and story-telling is applied in my project as a way for the player to interact with the environment; coming to their own conclusion as to the scene’s history based on visual and asset design.

I am a 3rd year UNSW Media Arts student majoring in Animation and 3D Visualisation. Using my passions in game design and visual development I aim to bring stories to life through art and aspire to insight passion and creativity in others. With my aspiration to be a concept artist and visual developer in the film and game industry, my deep love for sci-fi and fantasy genres inspires various aspects of my work.