Artwork title: I buried my body

This film is about a depressed man who buries his former hobbies and dreams and grieves the plight of reality. This is a kind of social oppression unique to Asian men. Male groups are socially disciplined to have their own cars and houses to be qualified men. Therefore, most people give up their original hobbies after graduating from college and work only for money. In the film, the man opens the wardrobe and finds his corpse. The corpse actually represents the self who once had a dream. Men panic because of the gap between their previous expectations and their current predicament. So the man put the object representing the past in a bag and dragged it to the uninhabited wilderness to bury it. I used a memo motion to show the panic of the man after he found the body, which is usually used to express tension and irrationality. The film uses a lot of fixed shots, and the camera just records without participating in the narrative. This is because I want to express that people as indifferent bystanders ignore the protagonist

I am a graduate of the media art major at the University of New South Wales.