Artwork title: 'abstract' Self portrait

This video is a personal reflection about passing time qualitatively, in the present and past, understanding "time as duration and experience that exists beyond clock time" (Week 7 DART1230, p. 7). It also captures the creation process of my ‘abstract' self-portrait oil painting, which is composed of 6 items, that relate to me passing time and what I reminisce about. The video consists of two parts: Firstly the timeline is sequenced in the order in which I assembled the items for the ‘abstract' self-portrait. Secondly, the time-lapse condenses about 6 hours I spent painting, in which the different items morph into an assemblage of colours and shapes. 

I've always been drawn to visual expressions rather than verbal and love to create story lines in moving image. Born in Switzerland, raised by Kenyan mother and recently found my way to Australia.