Artwork title: Lamp Project

In this project, we aimed to create an asset that was found on desk, I chose Lamp into the creation of 3D model. I chose Memphis art movement where it gives bold and playful colours to my object. It also gives a unique look to my object because it has geometric shapes and patterns. It is also asymmetrical design and irregularly shaped.

Artwork title: Passing Time

My concept for this project is I visualizing different time zone by using various food restaurants that represent their respective country. Instead of using an international time zone clock, I want the audience to imagine different time zones as if they were a collection of diverse food restaurants, each one symbolising the unique culture and flavours of the country. My concept could also be viewed as food label distribution which can be metaphorical representation of the quality of food. Each label on food products carries its own unique qualities. The time passes the quality of food may decline even if it remains safe to consume.

I'm Eleeysha, I am undergraduate student with Bachelor of Design. I'm an international student from Malaysia and this is my 2nd year of my degree. I'm very passionate about what I'm into, especially into arts and design.