Artwork title: The Doorway

Approaching aspects of the multiverse, my video is a take on the course assessments theme, ‘The Doorway’. Starting off in ‘reality’, the human subject finds himself despondent and metaphorically lacking colour in his life. As the scene visually builds through the increasing flowers found in his costume design, the subject uncovers different worlds where over the duration of time, grows emotionally happier. By the end, he eventually leaves to explore a life filled with greater colour and life.

Hi, I'm Sarina, currently a second-year student studying for a Bachelor of Media Arts. I simply enjoy making little videos and telling stories, mainly finding inspiration from coming-of-age movies and good music. I’m almost constantly in a state of wanting to travel and will catch myself filming every moment of the day just in case I need extra B-roll for that movie I’ll one day make.