Artwork title: Discovering self-knowledge

The theme of "discovering self-knowledge" has been used in my video, which focuses on exploring one's happiness. Self-discovery refers to the process by which individuals go on an internal journey that leads them to a state of self-realization (Kanchana, 2016). In the film Clueless, the main character Beverly Hills teen princess Cher is a good-hearted person. Nevertheless, due to her socio-economic background, specifically her wealth, she lacks the ability to acquire the comprehensive set of skills and knowledge necessary for personal growth and development. Nevertheless, following a series of experiences, she realized that nobody is perfect, and she was able to develop a deeper understanding of herself. So, in a movie like this, which has a "discovering self-knowledge" theme, the character is depicted as achieving a certain level of enlightenment and happiness, achieving genuine fulfillment in their life journey (MICHAEL, 2020). Inspired by this theme, I created a video wherein I engage in self-aware exploration, seeking genuine happiness by capturing moments that evoke joy during the process of videography.

Hello. I am YEJEE SEO, majoring in media arts and secondary education. I started to go on this media journey last September (2022).