Artwork title: Branch

This project title is Branch. It’s an animation with installation. It discusses the connection between others and self-personality molding and the relation between humans. For animation, I want to use figurative to abstract small people walking to show that other people gradually integrate into their self-consciousness and form an independent individual. I use walking form because each person is the passer by in life. For the installation, I chose a skeleton model to represent the shaping from the inside, and affixed resin figures to echo the animation content, and extended wires represented links and relationship chains. The animation is drawn frame by frame in Procreate and edited in PR and AE. The sound was remade and remixed from a copyright free website.

My name is Yitong Xia and I have just graduated from Media Art at UNSW. My strengths are drawing illustrations and video clips. To be a freelance 2D animator is one of my targets and Brunch is my first animation project. Animation is a process of self-exploration and self-healing for me, and I also hope to innovate and experiment on the road of animation.