DART1130 Photography 1

For this assessment I was required to explore the aesthetics of analogue production, and the agency of chance by drawing on concepts of optics and the observation of light to create a body of work

This series of artworks are created using Cyanotype chemicals on cotton paper, using light sources found at a suburban home in Sydney. The current pandemic lockdown has made way for a convergent way of thinking about how I interact with the world – through viewing from windows.

Being locked in my house, I looked at the different light sources around the home and found windows being an important way we relate to the world. I completed experiments with cyanotypes using windows as the light source, timing each exposure to find the best outcome for each piece. After completing extensive experiments of cyanotype works, I found that the use of materials that cover the windows, gave way to a new concept about how we ‘see’ the world. A focussed way of looking, about how we shape our ‘view’, but often don’t document the types of materials we use to cover the windows. I found a way to capture the light source at different times of day, with the materials documenting them with this age-old method of cyanotype printing. I presented this in a virtual reality exhibition format, adjacent to a window to place the artworks into context into the environment of the gallery.