Professional Experience Project

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) refers to work learning experiences undertaken by students as part of their program of study. WIL at UNSW must be:

  • embedded in a course and have an assigned unit of credit value; and/or
  • a program requirement for those professions that require a minimum level of work experience to receive accreditation.

The School of Art and Design runs three WIL courses to provide industry-engaged learning through opportunities with relevant industry hosts.

If you have any questions, please contact the Art and Design WIL Unit on 02 9385 8125.

Professional Experience Placement (PEP)

Professional Experience Placement (PEP) is a core course in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Design (Honours) and Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours). The course requires students to complete 150 hours in an approved professional organisation.

The School of Art & Design has established ongoing relationships with industry professionals that offer an exciting range of PEP opportunities. Students have access to the placement management system to view any current opportunities on offer and review all previous PEP opportunities offered by our established host partners.

Our Work Integrated Learning program offers opportunities and experience in Design, Media Arts, Fine Arts industries and much more.

Securing a PEP

The School of Art and Design has various options when sourcing an appropriate PEP opportunity. Students can:

  • self-source their own PEP opportunity from their networks
  • review and apply for any current opportunities offered by our established PEP partners
  • utilise the PEP historical database of partners who have previously hosted a PEP student.

Students can utilise the partner relationships of the school to source an internship or secure their own internship, which can be reviewed by the Work Integrated Learning Unit.

Self-sourcing a PEP Placement

Partners advertise PEP opportunities directly on their website. There are other ways of expanding your search. These include:

  • Creating a list of organisations to contact: this can be used to keep track of your progress and communication.
  • Checking key dates for placement programs: ensure you're aware of the opening and closing dates for applications and key dates in the university calendar.
  • Approaching organisations directly: this is an effective way of demonstrating your initiative and interest. An online professional profile or professional resume will be required.
  • Utilising specific websites: check internship listings on websites such as UNSW Careers Online (log-in with your zPass), Arc Internships, GradConnection and the LinkedIn jobs board.

Once a student has successfully secured a PEP Placement, the next step is for both student and host to complete the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Agreement. The WIL agreement must be submitted to the WIL team for approval via the InPlace system.

Please find the WIL agreement for each course:

ADAD3000 WIL Agreement
ADAD4100 WIL Agreement

InPlace student placement management system

UNSW utilises a student placement management system, 'InPlace'. InPlace is a centralised placement system for UNSW and promotes efficient processes and a best practice WIL approach.

Art and Design students will use InPlace for their pre-placement requirements, including submission of their online professional profile and completed WIL agreement. This system is where our host partners can submit any current opportunities for students to view and contains a historical database of past PEP opportunities students can review.

WIL courses information

ADAD3000- Professional Experience Project

Professional Experience Project is a flexible 'capstone' course that provides students in Design, Fine Arts and Media Arts degrees with an opportunity to synthesise and apply their prior academic learning in a creative workplace. Through this course, you'll explore possible career pathways by undertaking professional placement or work experience in a context relevant to your studies and professional interests. Professional experiences require prior approval from the WIL team. They need to be appropriate in duration and have the necessary resources and support from a suitable host.

Offering Terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3

Requirements: you would normally undertake PEP 2 days per week within the duration of term.

ADAD4100- Honours Professional Experience Project

This course will prepare students to pursue a full-time creative career and develop into versatile artists, designers, thinkers and creative practitioners that work in a constantly shifting design, arts and media arts landscape. Students will investigate creative opportunities that align with their honours major projects and work towards making their aspirational career goals explicit. This course also addresses the challenging aspects of the independent, freelance nature of the creative and cultural industries by providing students with the ability to recognise areas within their creative spheres where they may develop other income streams to support their creative practice.

Offering Terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3

Requirements: you would normally undertake an internship 1-2 day per week within the duration of term.

Interested in being a PEP Host?

If you are an organisation, institution or professional working across the fields of art, design and media and the wider economic, cultural, and social sectors and you would like to host a professional opportunity for one of our talented students, please register here.

Once an organisation has registered as a host in the InPlace system, the next step is to create a PEP opportunity in the system. Host opportunities can be viewed by Art and Design students.

If you require any additional support with this process, please contact

If you are a student and require more information on the Professional Experience Placement at UNSW School of Art & Design, please contact:

Art and Design WIL Team
Ph: (02) 9385 8125