The UNSW School of Art & Design campus features a network of high-quality faculty and student-led galleries. This network is used as teaching resources and accessible exhibition spaces. The galleries encourage experimentation, are incubators for new work and enable art, design and media students to showcase their work to the wider university community and public.

AD Space

AD Space is a unique on-campus venue where students can showcase their work in art, design and digital media to peers, teaching staff and the wider general public. The venue also offers students the chance to gain practical experience in professional gallery management, including exhibition and design, curatorial care, installation and promotion.

Three Foot Square

Three Foot Square is an alternative exhibition space, located at Gate 1 beside the main entrance to the UNSW Paddington Campus. This small exhibition venue takes the form of a window gallery and is illuminated at night, presenting art to the public 24/7.

Virtual Galleries

You don’t need to step onto the UNSW Art & Design campus or visit one of our galleries to experience the amazing art, design and multimedia creations from our students – you can view it online, too. Ideal for those who can’t visit our Sydney campus or for anyone seeking inspiration, UNSW Art & Design’s virtual art galleries showcase a selection of work by students over recent years.