Artwork title: Let's be intoxicated ...

Let's be intoxicated before time runs out

"Let's be intoxicated before time runs out" takes a female director's perspective and shoots her "relatively masculine" girlfriend. This film criticizes how female bodies are objectified from the perspective of male photographers while experimenting with the relationship between female artist and female muse. "Let's be intoxicated before time runs out” explores two Chineseborn lesbian lovers who rely on one another and sympathize with one another in foreign countries; however, they must accept and confront a cruel future. This film begins with the symbol "waterfall lamp" from "Happy Together" and explores the story of two confused protagonists wandering in a vast sea of people, eager to explore and seek answers about the future; In the end, they realized that the future was unpredictable, so they decided to let go of their worries and fears about the future and enjoy the present.

Artwork title: The distance between us

My inner self is extremely confident, extremely sensitive, and eager for recognition from others. I am aware that my estranged relationship with my mother has contributed to the formation of all of these psychological phenomena. My mother was born in 1977 and was raised in a very traditional and closed environment. The life she envisioned for me followed the rules and regulations, reiterating the life of the previous generation. Since I was a child, I have yearned to be the centre of attention, I wish to become an outstanding actor. But my mother constantly reminds me that I am an ordinary girl. Therefore, I have always desired my mother's attention, and I wish for her to recognise and acknowledge my strength. Unfortunately, my mother has never looked back at me and has always placed herself above me. My artwork also exposes the situation of immigrant families. My mother accompanied me to immigrate to Australia for my studies. Due to language barriers, she was marginalised and alienated; I received a good education and was able to integrate well into Australian culture; therefore, the lively and silent films also represent the emotions of my mother and me.

Xu Keyue art
Xu Keyue art

I was born in Binzhou City, Shandong Province, China. My hometown is very small, but the scenery is beautiful. I was born into an art family. Since I was very young, my grandfather has been teaching me Chinese painting and asking me to practise calligraphy. In 2016, I moved to Perth, Australia, with my parents. For me, it's a completely new living environment, but I still insist on painting. In addition to my interest in painting, I am also enthusiastic about theatrical performances. I was admitted to a bachelor’s degree in UNSW Fine Arts in 2021, and after my admission, I first encountered a series of film disciplines, such as moving images; I was surprised to discover that moving images could combine my interests in painting and acting, so I fell in love with filmmaking, particularly experimental movies and stream of consciousness movies.

Acknowledgement of Country

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