Artwork title: Art Deco Game Controller

A video game controller influenced by the Art Deco movement and reimagined as a vintage product. Replicating handicrafts from the Victoria period by using waxed wood and metal materials for the main body, but also kept a sense of modern with using plastic materials for the buttons. Rendered in 2 sets of HDR. The first set tries to give that elegant but also cozy, relaxing feeling with a golden hour background; the second set resembles that one time you are too obsessed with your new video game, and you are still playing it through midnight.

Artwork title: Snowfield

Snowfield is an interactive 3D environment that you can explore on. Inspired by the movie Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning, the player is set in a post-war snow village, where everyone left, everything the player loves is gone. All it left is loneliness, despair and void. As the player walks through the misty forest to the destroyed village and arrives at the cliff at last to see the sunrise, I hope the player can experience the change of emotions, restoring hope.  

You can try it out through this link, supporting Windows 32 bit/64 bit and Mac os.

Hey guys! I am Eugene Wong, a Media Art student from Hong Kong. I am interested in 2D animations and 3D modeling, as I see them as a way for storytelling and exploring my inner-self.

Acknowledgement of Country

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