Given the prompt "Mad Racket" I decided to work on a horror-esque 2D animation that involved rendering similar to expressionist painting. I was inspired by the works of “ANNIE: Origins | League of Legends (2018)” which used that concept and created an animation that would look like a piece of art in every frame. In my process, I would draw up each frame differently even if it is a static shot to create movement that would evoke unease.

Artwork title: Mad Racket

Artwork title: Unconscious Mind

"Unconscious mind" was a prompt which was interpreted as something within the mind. For this work, I was heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland and their exploration on the surreal nature of dreams. My work aims to encapsulate on that notion as well as reframe it in a horror-esque light. The work utilized the mixing of 2D and 3D animation to show the randomness and inconsistencies of dreams. In the work, I also attempted to diversify my art style to cater more to the randomness of dreams by mixing flat, realistic and abstract renderings. This work was also my first dive into foley art as I attempted to recreate many sounds using things I have at home which was exciting and extremely fun to do. For example, the clicking sound of the eyes were done using a deodorant bottle cap as well as the sound of bubbling liquid reproduced by me gargling water were some of the sounds I produced and edited to make the work more immersive.

I am Phi Anthony Tran, a second year of the Bachelor of Media Arts course. My biggest inspiration for pursuing a creative career was Riot Games ever since I was a child and was always blown away by their media. I thoroughly enjoy making animation as well as creating concept art for game characters and would love to collaborate with creative minds to produce amazing projects! I am currently working on some personal projects. Please look forward to them!

Acknowledgement of Country

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