The brief

To generate an appropriate and distinct visual language for your chosen business or community group. Ensuring that all the design elements included in the logo, or additional design features portray the correct image.

Student reflection

This task was really enjoyable for many reasons, but one main reason, was how applicable it was to real life! This was through the specific stages that took us through the process or research, evaluation, completing audits, etc and then enjoying the scope of challenging my creativity to reach a new idea which achieves the voice and image of my chosen community group.

My chosen group was a local running club in New Zealand.  I adapted the name from 'Auckland Joggers etsb 1962’ to 'Run in Joy'. In class we learnt of new ways to iterate and develop our rough ideas and visual icons, which was very informative and helpful. In the images provided, I show the range of ways you can develop a visual language and implement it to different deliverables, like a drink bottle, bus shelter poster etc. Overall, this course is fantastic for using your creativity and passion to achieve meaning and purposeful design that can make a small or big change to someone's life.

Ella Cliff is a second year student in the Bachelor of Design.

This project was created for an assessment in the course ‘Graphics 2: Identity and Form’. 

Acknowledgement of Country

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