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Discover a rich library of UNSW UTZON lectures featuring more than 50 global leaders in the field of the built environment. This decade long series was launched by the family of Danish architect, and designer of the Sydney Opera House Jorn Utzon AC.

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Sydney Opera House 2023 UTZON Lecture - Jan & Lin Utzon

To celebrate the 50th Birthday of the Sydney Opera House the children of legendary architect Jorn Utzon present the 2023 Utzon Lecture from the Joan Sutherland Theatre.

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Professor Briony Rogers

Monash University

This year's address was delivered by Professor Briony Rogers and focused on strengthening Australia's climate resilience through the lens of the Built Environment.

Alison Killing

Pulitzer Prize-winning Architect, Killing Architects

Investigating Xinjiang's network of detention camps

Francine Houben

Founding Partner, Mecanoo Architects, Delft, The Netherlands

People, Place, Purpose, Poetry

Hank Koning and Julie Eizenberg

Founding Principals, Koning Eizenberg, USA

Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal

Dame Jo da Silva OBE

Global Director of International Development, Arup Group, United Kingdom

Reducing Risk, Building Resilience

Jan Utzon

Utzon Architects, Denmark

Sydney Opera House: The Past, Present and Future

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