We are pleased to announce the release of a national guide that provides reliable and science-based metrics and targets towards creating a net zero carbon built environment for Australia!

Delivering net zero carbon buildings is critically important in tackling the climate emergency in Australia. This climate emergency guideled by Scientia Professor Deo Prasad, is Australia’s first national guide that provides reliable and science-based benchmarks, targets and pathways towards net zero operational and embodied carbon for new and existing buildings across the nation.

These performance targets can provide a strong foundation to reducing carbon emissions in the built environment sector through a range of regulatory and non-regulatory measures (e.g. legislation, assessment frameworks, design competitions and awards, contract documents, etc.). As such, the guide is useful to a wide range of built environment practitioners such as architects, engineers, building designers, sustainability consultants, researchers, policy makers and design/planning students.

The guide is an easily digestible summary of an upcoming book: Delivering on the Climate Emergency: Towards a Net Zero Carbon Built Environment.

Download the guide here

Suggestions of data, methods or feedback for any future editions of the Guide can be emailed to d.prasad@unsw.edu.au