Samantha Hall, Philip Oldfield, Ben Mullins, Kerry Brown, Karin Sanders, Christian Criado Perez (Master by Research candidate), Subha Parida (PhD candidate) 

To understand the value of high-performance buildings and design interventions, it is important for project teams to be able to decipher the ever-growing and complex body of academic research and other evidence that exists in the field. This will allow teams to make well-informed decisions and integrate evidence-based practice into realised buildings. 

Closing the Loop aims to connect the wealth of evidence that exists for high-performance office buildings with front end decision makers by developing industry decision-making tools and guidelines. A component of this project is the development of an evidence base for industry. The project is reviewing existing evidence and developing an assessment tool to rate the validity and rigour of various forms of built environment research to translate this for better industry exposure and application.