Lan Ding (UNSW Node Leader); Built Environment Representatives and Supervisors: Paola FavaroFrancesco FioritoPhilip OldfieldPaul OsmondAlan PetersDeo PrasadMattheos SantamourisSusan ThompsonPeter Williams; Built Environment Node Students: William Craft (Master by Research candidate), Sadar Masud Karim (PhD candidate), Carlos Bartesaphi Koc (PhD candidate), Samin Marzban (PhD candidate), Adriana X Sanchez (PhD candidate), Claudio Diaz Sandoval (PhD candidate), Siliang Yang (PhD candidate)

This project develops the strength of UNSW in High Performance Buildings and Cities aiming to achieve research excellence in this area. The project consists of academic staff and High Degree Research (HDR) students from UNSW Faculties of Built Environment, Engineering, Science and Business, as well as Industry and Government Steering Committee members from UrbanGrowth NSW, City of Sydney, Brookfield Multiplex, AECOM, HASSELL, CSR, PIDCOCK - Architecture + Sustainability, etc.