Lan Ding, Anir Upadhyay, Kate Bishop, Deo Prasad, Marini Samaratunga (PhD candidate), Krishna Munsami (PhD candidate), William Craft (Master by Research candidate)

The BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) tool is used to model and regulate the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of all new residential buildings in NSW. More than 140,000 dwellings have been built in NSW under BASIX since it was launched in 2004.

This project carries out post-occupancy investigations of new residential buildings in NSW. It compares BASIX modelled results to monitoring data in real-life environments, and analyse discrepancies. The findings of this study will assist to identify areas for improvement of BASIX assessment models, establish links between government regulations, design option and post-occupancy behaviour and inform future sustainability strategies and policy.

Project partners comprise: NSW Department of Planning and Environment, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, City of Sydney, and Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.