The Australian contribution of making the Sydney Opera House

The history of the design decisions directly related to the construction of the Sydney Opera House remains largely anecdotal. A rich group of items recently discovered in the NSW Archive and Records may now start filling this gap.

Revisiting Shoei Yoh: Digital preservation and architectural archiving

The Japanese architect Shoei Yoh is an internationally recognised figure of late 20th century architecture and a pioneer of digital design.

History for Architecture. Examining Alec Tzannes and Doojing Hwang works.

This project will develop an instructional video and a publication in English and Korean that studies the different impact of history and culture on architectural works in Australia and Korea through an examination of two prominent architects.

Metabolism and the Mutant City of Tomorrow (2019-2021)

Metabolism is the name of a group of young Japanese designers and architects who proposed a new form of urbanism built on visionary urban projects and experimental avant-garde design as creative response to this new landscape.

Sydney and Tokyo Waterfronts in an Age of Global Warming

Dr. Raffaele Pernice will lead the research project “Sydney and Tokyo Waterfronts in an Age of Global Warming”, which has been awarded an Australia Government, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFTA) - Japan Foundation (AJF) 2021/2022 Grant.

Australia & China Perspectives on Urban Regeneration & Rural Revitalization

Dr. Raffaele Pernice was successful in his application for a Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) - National Foundation for Australia-China Relations (NFACR) 2021-22 competitive grant.

Discussing the Fascination and Problems in the urban environment in Tokyo

Architect Toyo Ito is a Pritzker Architecture Prize 2013 winner and an influential professional worldwide, famously known for his projects which combine innovative design and poetic use of technology and structural engineering.