Our leading experts are focused on research that is changing the way we interact with technology. We closely collaborate with our partners in industry and government on projects that transform and innovate new technology and its processes, tools and techniques.

Pushing the boundaries of what our technology can do has never been clearer thanks to artificial intelligence. Our AI experts are improving the programming and understanding to make big changes across the industry.

Our research areas include: 

Medicine and biology rely increasingly on imaging technologies and effective methods to process the large data sets they produce. We develop advanced computational methods for automated image analysis and downstream multimodal data analytics.

Data plays a big role in our lives but how we use, manage and interpret it is always changing. Our researchers are leading the way in using data in ways to make a positive impact in society. Our experts work across the following research areas:

Embedded systems control much of the technology we use each day, but as our needs and demands change, so does the technology and systems in control of them. We’re looking at ways to improve these systems and innovate new technology to have a positive impact in the community.

The Networked Systems and Security Group (NetSyS) develops tools and technology to improve the quality of wired and wireless networking user experiences, from commercial settings to personal use.

Our experts work across the following areas:

The Programming Languages and Compilers (PLC) Group focuses on developing foundations for building reliable, high-performance and energy-efficient software (including languages, semantics, type systems, program analysis, and implementation techniques) through rigorous experimental evaluation to demonstrate the impact of these foundations.

The Service Oriented Computing group is involved with research projects covering a range of areas, such as cloud resources, interoperability, API/service design and engineering and much more. We are committed to helping users and businesses get more from their online computing and services.

The Trustworthy Systems group focuses on creating software systems that fit the needs of modern users. This includes security, safety and reliability to make sure there is a standard across software creation to ensure all users have a positive experience.

The UNSW Theoretical Computer Science research group is pushing the boundaries of what our computers and technology are capable of. We strive to understand the nature of computation and what properties of algorithms and protocols are achievable.

Our current research includes: