Dr Jessica Leake
Research Associate

Dr Jessica Leake

Bachelor of Science (Hons Class 1, University Medal in Psychology), UNSW Sydney

Ph.D., University of Sydney 

Research area and interest

My research examines how fear memories are encoded and updated through experience. Using rodent models, I examine the neural circuits and cellular mechanisms underlying fear memory.


Mathews, Room 703


  • Dhungana, A., Becchi, S., Leake, J., Morris, G., Avgan, N., Balleine, B. W., ... & Bradfield, L. A. (2023). Goal-directed action is transiently impaired in a hAPP-J20 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. eNeuro.
  • Leake, J., Zinn, R., Corbit, L. H., Fanselow, M. S., & Vissel, B. Engram size varies with learning and reflects memory content and precision. (2021). The Journal of Neuroscience.41(18), 4120-4130.
  • Zinn, R., Leake, J., Krasne, F. B., Corbit, L. H., Fanselow, M. S., & Vissel, B. (2020). Maladaptive properties of context-impoverished memories. Current Biology30(12), 2300-2311.
  • Leake, J., Zinn, R., Corbit, L., & Vissel, B. (2017). Dissociation between complete hippocampal context memory formation and context fear acquisition. Learning & Memory24(4), 153-157.

Awards, fellowships & grants

  • The University of Sydney Merit Award
  • University Medal in Psychology
  • UNSW Faculty of Science Prize for Honours Year Science
  • UNSW School of Psychology Behavioural Neuroscience Honours Thesis Prize
  • UNSW Faculty of Science Vacation Research Scholarship
  • UNSW Dean's List 2011-2012