Theo Bonny

Theo Bonny

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of the Arts & Media

Supervisors: Kim Burwell, John Napier

As a researcher and classroom music educator I am highly committed to the ongoing development of our Australian educational system. Specialising in student engagement, I have been fortunate to meaningfully contribute to our growing understanding of the socio-emotional and academic contributors towards raising engagement in the NSW classroom. Previous research in the field of student assessment has also been invaluable in my current research efforts to develop new and exciting pedagogies that explore jazz learning for its potential to facilitate better student growth and outcomes.

Outside of research, I continue my efforts as a 7-12 classroom music teacher. This affords me a wide range of opportunities to conduct, explore department of education syllabus, program and employ pedagogies on a daily basis. Ultimately, the synthesis between my research and work is demonstrative of my eagerness to meaningfully contribute to society and ongoing efforts in this pursuit.

  • Student engagement
  • Jazz pedagogy