What is the discipline of Psychiatry & Mental Health?

The UNSW discipline of Psychiatry & Mental Health leads the delivery of psychiatry education within the medical program, as well as a broad program of research focused on understanding and improving mental health in our community. 

Staff come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including the medical specialty of psychiatry, as well as psychology, nursing and other allied health fields, public health, neuroscience, and the social sciences. 

Current areas of research in Psychiatry & Mental Health at UNSW include:

  • depressive and bipolar disorders

  • anxiety disorders

  • neuropsychiatry

  • dementia and old age psychiatry

  • schizophrenia

  • child and adolescent psychiatry

  • forensic psychiatry

  • post-natal disorders

  • psychoneuroimmunology

  • intellectual disability and mental health

  • trauma and mental health

  • migration / asylum seeking and mental health

  • transcultural mental health

  • psychiatric genetics

  • neurostimulation

  • neuroimaging

  • social psychiatry

  • epidemiology.

UNSW Medicine & Health offers various research programs in Psychiatry & Mental Health. For more information and enrolment pathways, please see the UNSW handbook for psychiatry and mental health respectively. You can further filter search results by program and research programs.

The discipline is widely dispersed, with the primary location at the main Kensington campus. Teaching and research staff are also located across the following locations: 

  • UNSW teaching hospitals (at Prince of Wales, St Vincent’s, St George, Sutherland and Liverpool)

  • Rural campus

  • Other public and private healthcare sites (e.g. Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network, St John of God Healthcare Hospitals, Gordon Private Hospital, Ramsay Clinic Northside and the Sydney Clinic)

  • Our two partner Medical Research Institutes (Black Dog Institute and Neuroscience Research Australia). 

The discipline has established a Master of Forensic Mental Health postgraduate coursework program.


  • The UNSW Discipline of Psychiatry & Mental Health is one of the largest and most successful research departments in the country, and one of the leading university psychiatry and mental health research groups internationally. 

  • Since its establishment, hundreds of research doctorates have been completed under the supervision of academic staff.

  • The discipline receives considerable research funds from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Research Council and Medical Research Future Fund, and includes the largest group of NHMRC Investigator Grant holders in the field. 

  • Academic staff also receive funding from a very wide range of other peer reviewed competitive funding bodies, industry partners, state and federal government partnerships, and philanthropic sources. 

  • Undergraduate medical students benefit from a broad program of psychiatry education, with clinical placements offered across the full range of subspecialties and in a wide variety of clinical settings.

  • The Master of Forensic Mental Health program is the leading postgraduate course in forensic mental health nationally.

  • The discipline hosts the annual Australian Mental Health Prize.