Clubs & societies

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University is often a better experience when you get involved with your fellow students and the wider academic community. These societies are here to help support your studies, enhance your time at UNSW and help set you up for future success. 

Health & wellbeing ambassadors

Working in partnership with the UNSW Health Promotion Unit, ambassadors make a difference to the health and wellbeing of UNSW students through peer education, outreach, health promotion campaigns and advocating for changes to the university environment.
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UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc)

The peak representative body for medical students at UNSW, MedSoc advocate for members, create fulfilling and enriching experiences, and aim to form a close and supportive community across UNSW campuses.
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Rural Allied Health and Medical Society (RAHMS)

The Rural Allied Health and Medical Society (RAHMS) is made up of students from city and country areas, as well as anyone interested in rural health. Their mission is to inform members about rural and remote health issues, encourage thinking about rural careers and increase awareness about health concerns facing Indigenous Australians.


Welcome to UNSW’s primary student organisation. Everything you need to know about clubs, sports, volunteering, events, wellness or general help can be found here.
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