We focus our research on eliminating health disparities by partnering with the nation's most prestigious healthcare providers. Using innovative technologies and facilities, our research covers a diverse range of topics involving interdisciplinary collaborations, focusing on current and potential clinical applications.


Our cancer research helps to accelerate scientific discoveries into cures. The expertise of our internationally recognised clinicians, researchers and educators advances medicine, transforming treatment options and survival rates for cancer patients.

Cardiac, metabolic & vascular medicine

Cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndromes and diseases are a major cause of death and disability in Australia. Our research helps to better understand, detect and prevent these conditions.

Infectious disease, immunity & inflammation

Our researchers and clinicians lead world-class collaborative research networks to understand, prevent and treat complex infections and conditions. We develop evidence-based interventions which translate clinical practice into positive patient outcomes.

Innovation & clinical research

Innovation and clinical research supports the translation of effective academic and clinical research into real world benefits for human health. We enable and support the continued evolution of the School of Clinical Medicine as an international powerhouse of medical education, clinical research and innovation.

Psychiatry, mental health & neuroscience

We prevent, treat, cure and care for a broad range of neurological, mental health and addiction disorders. Our strength lies in building effective networks of collaborative research and translating our research outcomes into real-world solutions that improve the quality of life for patients.

Women's Health, Paediatrics & Child Health

Our researchers and clinicians contribute nationally and internationally through novel and innovative discoveries and interventions in women’s health and paediatrics and child health with the goal of improving health outcomes for women, babies and children.