The goal of the Medical Physics research group is to develop novel and impactful research to improve radiotherapy patient outcomes.  This work is undertaken within the cancer therapy centres at Liverpool and Macarthur and other collaborating centres.

Our goals

Led by Associate Professor Holloway, our group is a national pioneer of radiotherapy data mining research and use of MRI in radiotherapy. Our data mining work is developing clinical practice based evidence to support clinical decision making in radiation oncology. This work  established through collaboration with the MAASTRO clinic, The Netherlands, has resulted in an emerging national network (Australian Computer Assisted Theragnostics; AusCAT). Research into the use of MRI for radiotherapy is another major focus including the Australian MRI-linac program. This work is exploring the technology development and potential clinical application of using MRI for radiotherapy. Our team is also exploring a number of clinical applications including improving radiotherapy planning and delivery uncertainties.  A better understanding of the impact of uncertainties for specific radiotherapy techniques and clinical sites will provide guidelines on the choice of appropriate advanced technique for individual patients. This would improve tumour control and cancer survival, whilst reducing normal tissue toxicities. 

We are a multidisciplinary team providing a strong collaborative environment for our students, postdocs and clinical conjoints.

Research strengths

  • Integration with Liverpool and Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centres. 
  • Integration with Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research.
  • Multidisciplinary team consisting of clinical and academic medical physicists, radiation oncologists and radiation therapists, MRI radiographers, MRI physicists and computer scientists. 
  • Strong collaborations with many linked organisations including the CSIRO, other Australian Universities and hospitals and international hospitals and universities.

Our results

  • Australian MRI-linac prototype system which provides a unique opportunity for research in this developing field.
  • The AusCAT distributed data network that enables learning from clinical practice data including imaging.
  • Our integration with the clinic, providing access to equipment and clinical expertise.