Cancer Care Centre Research Program is located at St George & Sutherland Clinical Campuses in Kogarah, NSW. Our program brings together interdisciplinary expertise in cell & molecular biology, extracellular vesicle, multi-omics, radiation oncology, urological oncology, novel imaging modalities and clinical trials, to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

Our goals

Our research aims to discover novel biomarkers and methodologies to better understand how cancer starts, develops and spreads and to improve diagnosis and treatment outcomes for prostate, breast, ovarian and bladder cancers patients. Our projects are patient-centred and clinical-driven. A dedicated team of oncologist, surgeons, scientists, students and consumers are working to: 

  • Discover novel genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, lipidomic and metabolomic biomarkers, combined with artificial intelligence for cancer diagnosis, risk stratification and surveillance, aligning with a personalised medicine model of care. 
  • Investigate the mechanisms of prostate and breast cancer metastasis and chemo/radio-resistance associated with tumour microenvironment and cancer stem cells for developing novel combination therapy. 
  • Develop novel imaging (mpMRI and PSMA-PET) for the diagnosis and risk stratification of urological cancer, and novel robotic surgical techniques in cancer surgery.  
  • Bridge the gap in radiation treatment & dosimetry delivery techniques in breast and prostate cancer radiotherapy. 

Research strengths

  • Collaborative and multidisciplinary research team allowing for direct translation of knowledge. 
  • Direct access to specialist public and private clinics for patients with various cancer types. 
  • Cutting-edge next generation multi-omics approaches and liquid biopsy analysis platforms. 
  • Strong connections with community, industry partners and collaborators domestically and internationally. 
  • Extensive experience in clinical research including complex research ethics and randomised controlled trials.  

Our results

  • High-impact research output (>300 publications with >10,000 citations, team combined) by world-leading & award-winning researchers (NHMRC biomedical achievement award: Prof Yong Li). 
  • Consistent grant funding success from USDOD, NHMRC, ARC, CINSW, TROG, Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, PBCF and SSMRF.  
  • Successful supervision of >30 PhD, Masters and BSc/BMedSci Honours students to completion. 
  • Establishment of a novel liquid biopsy platform using blood exosomal miRNAs for prostate cancer risk stratification. 
  • Paradigm-shifting research outcomes, including the first RCT on the use of boost radiation in DCIS patients (A/Prof Peter Graham, Lancet); a novel scoring system on PSMA-PET/CT for clinically significant prostate cancer diagnosis (Dr James Thompson, European Urology); and the world-first landmark MRI trial for prostate cancer active surveillance (Dr James Thompson, The Journal of Urology). 

Our experts

Professor and Head of Cancer Research Laboratory Yong Li
Professor and Head of Cancer Research Laboratory
Peter Graham 1
Senior Staff Specialist in Radiation Oncology


Conjoint Senior Lecturer Kevin Ni
Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Julia Beretov profile
Conjoint Lecturer


Senior Staff Specialist in Urology and Pelvic Uro-Oncology James Thompson
Senior Staff Specialist in Urology and Pelvic Uro-Oncology
Joseph Bucci 1
Senior Staff Specialist in Radiation Oncology


David Malouf
Urologist & Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgeon


Key collaborators

Senior Research Scientist Valerie Wasinger
Senior Research Scientist