Mental Health Education Leads of Australia and New Zealand

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About us

Mental Health Education Leads of Australia and New Zealand (MHELANZ) aims to foster excellence in teaching psychiatry to medical students, with the ultimate aim of improving community mental health in Australia and New Zealand.

Our vision

Professional development

Vision statement

Our vision is to unite mental health education leaders across Australia and New Zealand in a collaborative community of practice. We aim to revolutionise mental health education within medical schools and beyond through networking, collaboration, research, professional development and advocacy. 

By fostering robust networking channels and promoting collaboration, we'll drive innovation and share best practices in mental health education. Research will guide our efforts, ensuring evidence-based approaches and responsive curriculum development. 

Professional development initiatives will empower educators with the skills and knowledge needed to inspire future healthcare professionals. Advocacy will amplify our collective voice, advocating for the integration of mental health education into medical school curricula. 

Central to our vision is transforming psychiatry education, enhancing mental health literacy among medical graduates and increasing the number of students choosing psychiatry training. Through targeted initiatives, we'll equip healthcare professionals to address the mental health needs of their patients with empathy and effectiveness. 

Our ultimate goal is a society where mental health education is fundamental to medical training, fostering a healthier and more compassionate healthcare system for all.

What we do

This interest group aims to support and improve psychiatry education in the medical curriculum of Australian and New Zealand Medical schools.  

We provide a forum for education leads to exchange information about psychiatric education in medical schools, share resources and discuss matters pertinent to psychiatric education.  

Symposia and workshops

We seek to deliver workshops and symposiums to improve the mental health education skills of clinical educators in psychiatry and support greater integration of mental health education into the medical curriculum.  


We facilitate and promote collaborative research projects and publications relevant to psychiatry education across different universities.  

We work in partnership with other peak bodies and interest groups like: 

  • Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand (MDANZ)
  • International psychiatry education interest groups

Our members

Contact us

Please contact Thu Nguyen for more information.