The study, barriers and solutions to uptake of Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) at Primary Care level-Perceptions of Consumers and Health Providers aims to improve the provision of holistic care and the appropriate sharing of health information, and to better integrate the health system at various levels of care.

Our goals

The study aims to identify a framework for providing OST at primary care level by identifying the barriers and enablers from key stakeholders' perspectives.

Research strengths

  • Rural and regional health
  • Co-design service delivery model

Our results

We expect to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. An understanding of the views of health providers and consumers in rural and regional Australian healthcare settings about the barriers and enablers of providing OST support at primary care level, and the conditions under which delivering OST support in primary care is feasible.
  2. A framework for developing a Best Evidence Service Delivery Model that is acceptable to consumers and feasible for health providers to implement. This approach draws on previous research that combines the best available research evidence with the views of consumers and service providers.

Our experts

Director of Medical Education, Coffs Harbour Rural Clinical School Alison Seccull
Director of Medical Education, Coffs Harbour Rural Clinical School
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